Motown Pride – Spirit Run featuring J’Nelle (produced by Zane Tate)

Back when I was working on my first album, I was also producing the occasional Hip Hop song for artist friends of mine. You’d have a hard time tracking those down now, but this is one you can still find. And it’s one of my favorites. It’s called “Spirit Run,” and it’s by Daniel Jefferson, aka Motown Pride, with backing vocals by J’Nelle.

The mix is admittedly too hot, but I love this track. It’s cool because it’s not a typical verse-chorus structure, and Daniel laid down some amazing spoken word instead of more traditional rap. I definitely recommend listening for the lyrics.

I also love that the music has such a Gospel feel to it. That was one of my goals in writing the song. My other goal was to switch from a minor chord progression to a major one about half-way through the song. There’s probably a technical term for that, but I like to call it “redemptive” songwriting – starting out serious or painful or sad, and resolving to hopeful, uplifting and happy.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can get the track right here: Motown Pride – Spirit Run featuring J’Nelle (produced by Zane Tate)

Zane Tate – El Tiempo Es Circular

The new single is out!

“El Tiempo es Circular” is the newest future soul / dance track from producer Zane Tate, and features silky vocals and lyrics by Latin Jazz singer Aline Esquivel, and a heavy bassline by the renowned Jazz and Fusion bassist Alex Bershadsky. On the b-side is the instrumental version of the song.

Buy Zane Tate – “El Tiempo Es Circular (feat. Aline Esquivel & Alex Bershadsky)”

Buy Zane Tate – “El Tiempo Es Circular (feat. Aline Esquivel & Alex Bershadsky)” in iTunes

New Single Preview

My new single is out soon, and here’s a preview…

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Brother Thelonious

Brother Thelonious

I’m a big Thelonious Monk fan so when I saw a beer made in his honor, I had to get it right away. It’s called Brother Thelonious, and it’s a “Belgian Style Abbey Ale” made by North Coast Brewing.

This beer has a caramel tang to it with some hints of molasses, and a really nice creaminess. When you pour it, you get a sizable amount of head, which I think is a good signal that you should take your time to appreciate it. I recommend sipping this one to Monk’s Dream or, since it was brewed in California, Thelonious Alone in San Francisco might be appropriate.

Another reason to drink Brother Thelonious: North Coast Brewing makes a gift to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz in support of Jazz education for every bottle sold.

Anchor Porter

Anchor - Porter

I don’t normally think of porters as summer-time beers, but it’s cloudy and rainy here today, and nothing beats a good porter on a gloomy afternoon. My favorite is San Francisco’s Anchor Porter.

I like porters in the same way I like coffee: solid, and without any gimmicky flavors. Just like I want coffee to taste like strong coffee, and not hazelnut, I want my porter to taste like porter, and not like mocha or oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong – the Anchor Porter does have all the overtones of caramel and chocolate that you expect alongside those malts, but they aren’t overwhelming. That’s because the Anchor is crafted and well-balanced.

Dark, creamy, smooth, and just about perfect. If it’s foggy your way, I recommend the Anchor Porter.

New album

Zane Tate: Down to Dusk: Rural Sounds, Vol. 2


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