Green Cigar is David Healy, a very talented music producer from the UK.  David cofounded and helped run a digital label called Working Beats.  Sometime in early 2005, he came across some of my demo tracks online, and got in touch with me about a distribution deal.  I released three songs through Working Beats.  You’d probably have a hard time finding those tracks now since the label closed a couple years ago.  But I really enjoyed working with David – he encouraged me, and had a good feel for where I wanted to go musically.

And of course I really liked David’s music as Green Cigar as well.  He’s well-versed in a number of electronic styles, and not confined to one in particular.  He could drop breaks, downtempo, techno, or pop, do it well, and maintain the Green Cigar sound.  I like that approach, and it’s the one I try to take too.  Anyway, when I was writing and recording Rural Sounds, it just made sense to work with David on a remix.

What’s cool about the remix is that he tried to get at the intention of the song.  That is, the melody, the feel, what the song intended to communicate.  Then he accentuated that with his own sound and style.  Really, that’s how a remix should always work, right?  I was real excited the first time I heard it, and loved the track right away.

Hear it here or in iTunes.