As most of you know, I write about music from time to time for Leisure Lab, and I’ve recently come across a few albums that really stand out as creative, unique, or just enjoyable.

The most recent of these is So Many Ways by Lay-Far, a deep house producer from Russia. This record is filled with jazzy, soulful house, and it’s just a pleasure to listen to.

Another recent favorite of mine is Cosm’ethic by Tommaso Cappellato and Astral Travel. If you like spiritual, mind-expanding jazz music then this record will really blow you away.

And, saving the best for last, I want to tell you about Personal Life, and their album Morning Light. Robert Strauss, Stuart Lisbie, and the rest of the Personal Life group have made a beautiful Jazz Funk album that reminds me a lot of Incognito (and that’s a big compliment). The song “Distance Can Be Sweet” is my favorite track from the release. Go listen to this one as soon as you can.