The Ketch a Vibe show

While “Getaway” was the lead-off single for my new album, Down to Dusk: Rural Sounds Volume 2, “The Man Called Thursday” has been gaining a bit of radio traction lately. Most recently, Aja and Claire Simone included the song on their Ketch a Vibe show for two weeks in a row (episodes 194 and 195)!

I’m always happy when one of my songs makes it into a radio playlist, but it’s especially exciting when the song gets played alongside some of my favorite artists. In show #195, “The Man Called Thursday” is played along with tracks by artists such as Incognito, Dorian Concept, and Fertile Ground! Definitely good company to keep, and I’m honored to be included.

The Ketch a Vibe show is one I’d listen to whether they played my music or not. Jazz funk to spiritual jazz to downtempo. Deep and eclectic. I highly recommend this one