“Harbor View” is my favorite track off Rural Sounds, and based on digital sales, I think it’s the most popular.

When I wrote the song I just wanted to capture a feeling – one of escapism and relaxation.  If you’re like me, you’re always on the grind, and it’s rare that you get any down time.  But then comes the unusual occasion when you can get to the beach, have some drinks, chill by the ocean, and just forget the world.   That’s what “Harbor View” is all about.

People write songs for different reasons.  I always try to write music that I’d want to listen to myself, regardless of its commercial viability. And “Harbor View” is the perfect example of that.  I can listen to it, remember that mood, and escape for a few minutes.

By the way, I also love Incognito’s music for that same vibe.  Check out Tales from the Beach, and then the remix album, More Tales Remixed, which features a Mark de Clive-Lowe version of  “Feel the Pressure.”

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