Zane Tate – Boom Bap Sunrise: Rural Sounds Volume 1

Zane Tate’s Boom Bap Sunrise: Rural Sounds Volume 1 fuses instrumental Hip Hop, Nu Jazz, Chillout, and Downtempo music. The result is an album with sounds ranging from the soulful to the cinematic.

“A lot of the songs on this record were written in early morning hours before the sun came up over the mountains by my house. Sometimes I just woke up, got my coffee and went straight into the studio; sometimes I just didn’t go to sleep the night before. Either way that was like the magic time for me. I’d write music while it was still dark out, and the arrangement would start to come together as the sun came up… so that’s Boom Bap Sunrise right there…”

Rural Sounds is an attempt to redefine what it means and how it feels to make music outside of the urban. “It’s Hip Hop beats, deep basslines, exotic percussions. But I think that fits rural and urban life… whether the sound is edgy and painful or warm and soulful.”

After producing a digital release for British label Working Beats in 2005, Zane started work on Boom Bap Sunrise. (Former label-mate Green Cigar makes an appearance on the CD remixing the funky “Star Slide”) The CD was released February 2007 on Leisure Lab.

Zane Tate: Boom Bap Sunrise: Rural Sounds Volume 1


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