Escape for Free

Zane Tate - Escapism

Updates on the new album are coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a slight throwback with some freeness thrown in.

In 2011, I produced a deep house single called Escapism parts 1 and 2, and released it via Stilnovo Music. The label has now made it available for download – for a limited time – for free. Well, technically, it’s “name your own price,” but I imagine you’ll want to get it for nothing if you can.

You can get it right here: Zane Tate -Escapism

So click away if you like deep house music! And feel free to let me know on my Facebook page if you do pick it up.

Groove Salad Volume 2 features Zane Tate

Soma FM - Groove Salad Volume 2

Groove Salad Volume 2 is out now, and it features my song, “The Last Resort” along with some other great downtempo music.

Soma FM, “a listener-supported, commercial-free internet-only radio station,” and probably my favorite online radio station, broadcasts a number of genre-driven channels, one of which is Groove Salad. Groove Salad plays mostly instrumental downtempo, groove-oriented ambient, and trip hop music (Nightmares on Wax, St. Germain, Boards Of Canada), and it’s one of the largest online broadcasters of this style.

Since Soma FM is commercial-free, the station relies on listener support in order to stay online. When you donate $40 you can get a copy of the Groove Salad Volume 2 compilation on CD, which features a tasty selection of songs from the Groove Salad playlist.

I’m a big fan of Soma FM, and Groove Salad in particular, so I’m honored and excited that my song “The Last Resort” was included on the album.

Soma FM has the full playlist, and more details on how you can get the CD, on its website here.

Some good music

As most of you know, I write about music from time to time for Leisure Lab, and I’ve recently come across a few albums that really stand out as creative, unique, or just enjoyable.

The most recent of these is So Many Ways by Lay-Far, a deep house producer from Russia. This record is filled with jazzy, soulful house, and it’s just a pleasure to listen to.

Another recent favorite of mine is Cosm’ethic by Tommaso Cappellato and Astral Travel. If you like spiritual, mind-expanding jazz music then this record will really blow you away.

And, saving the best for last, I want to tell you about Personal Life, and their album Morning Light. Robert Strauss, Stuart Lisbie, and the rest of the Personal Life group have made a beautiful Jazz Funk album that reminds me a lot of Incognito (and that’s a big compliment). The song “Distance Can Be Sweet” is my favorite track from the release. Go listen to this one as soon as you can.

New album

Zane Tate: Down to Dusk: Rural Sounds, Vol. 2


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