Genres Part 2 (featuring Incognito)

I recently wrote about musical genres and sub-genres, and then shared the story with friends on my mailing list.  You can imagine how exited I was when I got a direct response from Jean-Paul Maunick (aka Bluey) of Incognito!

It’s always exciting when you get to communicate with your inspirations, and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to talk with a number of them when writing for Leisure Lab. But hearing from Bluey was even bigger than that. He and Incognito helped lay the foundation for many of my favorite styles such as Nu Jazz and Broken Beat.  They were at the forefront of the Acid Jazz movement, and the group has continued to make amazing music for 25 years.

So of course his input on the subject of musical genres is pretty meaningful to me, and I thought you’d be interested in it too…

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On the Contempt for Genres and Sub-Genres

Many musicians, especially independent musicians, hate genres and their associated sub genres.  We argue that we don’t want to be locked into categories; we are unclassifiable in our art.   We defy categorization.

When we meet people and they ask us what kind of music we make, we tell them we can’t be labeled with any particular style.  In fact, we have such disdain for these labels, we’re offended when anyone attempts to categorize our music, even if that listener or critic likes what she hears.  Why is that?
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New album

Zane Tate: Down to Dusk: Rural Sounds, Vol. 2


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